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Sicily in Kayak

Sicily in Kayak

You can join us here to kayakstand up paddle board and sail around the Aeolian Islands. Thanks to our passion and local knowledge we will enrich your day with adventure and fun.

Leaving Porto Levante to sail around the island (28 km), you sail north, following the peninsula of Vulcanello. You can observe the longitudinal crack of the Crater of Vulcanello. After passing Punta Samossà and Punta del Roveto, you reach the ‘Valley of Monsters’ with its strange rocks.

Passing by the Sabbie Nere and the Faraglione delle Sirene you find the spectacular bays of Cala del Formaggio and Mastro Minico with their unfrequented beaches, divided by lava promontories which stick out into the sea: an extraordinary coast with steep rugged slopes.

Rounding Punta del Monaco, after the promontory Testa Grossa, you discover a little bay surrounded by rocks, directly under Monte Lentia. On the left, the shallow sea ringed by cliffs forms the so-called Virgins’ pool, a natural pool with emerald coloured water.

At the end of the bay the Grotta del Cavallo cave opens up. You can go inside, even in small boats, to admire its vault and swim with the sunlight shining on the blue-green water. Perhaps the best time is at sunset.

Capo Secco with its Scoglio Quaglietta is followed by Spiaggia Lunga and Punta Conigliara, so called because of the large number of rabbits in the area, sheer and horizontal lava formations furrowed by gorges, as far as a low tongue of land on which the Old Lighthouse stands.

Here is the ‘Scario’, the landing-place for Gelso, the Spiaggia dell’Asino beach  and then the beach of Cannitello. A stop here is a must.

You set off again towards Punta Bandiera.
From the sea you glimpse terraces and farmhouses and, just beyond, Punta Molo di Femmina, while the high Monte Aria (an old volcano) dominates the scene. Next is Punta del Grillo, in which a lava flow has created a series of small splendid caves.It is a beautiful place with tricks of the light and a hot water source.

After the bastion of Punta Luccia, the Cala Rossa bay opens up with great depths, with Punta Roia in correspondence to a cliff with the statue of the Little Mermaid.

You follow the northern side of the Crater of Forgia Vecchia with jagged black points and you are back at Porto di Levante.

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Sicily sea kayak – Sup – Sail

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Residence Al Mare, Vulcano

Sea residence

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Baia Fenicia residence

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Casa Schmidt B&B

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