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On the beaches of Filicudi there is no sand but only rounded pebbles. The most fashionable is Le Punte; it can by reached on foot from the jetty. Alternatively, there are the beaches of Pecorini Mare or the beach of the port. Around the island there is no lack of quiet and attractive spots, which can only be reached by sea. So let’s take a sail around the island. From Filicudi Porto you head towards the promontory of Capo Graziano. You will notice an obvious white paint mark on the cliffs which indicates the limit, beyond which diving is not permitted, because of the underwater archaeological zone. In the sea nearby, because of a bank 400 metres to the East, there have been numerous shipwrecks and the remains of the loads of some ships lie on the bottom.

After rounding Capo Graziano, you pass the beach delle Punte and, further on, you can’t help noticing the column-shaped rocks called Filo di Lorami. Then you reach Pecorini Mare,  a fishing hamlet.

Having arrived at Punta Stimpagnato, it is a good moment to dive into the green water of the Groticelle… a great place to swim! After the imposing Costa dello Sciarato, a surprising stretch of  coastline begins. The Grotta del Bue Marino is called this by old fishermen perhaps because seals once lived there. There is no longer any trace of them but there are wonderful effects of light and a sense of mysticism, which you feel when penetrating inside. The cave is 30 metres wide with a vault of 20 metres.

The sea, over time has formed a lovely beach on the bottom and the width and depth allow boats to enter.

A few metres further on there is Punta Perciato, a lava promontory in which the sea has made an opening. After rounding the Perciatu, you can stop on the beach, before moving on to the spectacular cliffs nearby: La Canna, a basalt crag surrounded by crystal clear water (a dive is recommended to see the variety of fish) and Montenassari with its ridges. The western side is inaccessible, steep and covered with brooms and ferns. You follow the coast again meeting the Scoglio della Fortuna and the small inlets and dovetails of Punta Zotta with its lighthouse. After the Scoglio Giafante, which resembles a tower, the countryside is wild, interrupted only by a few ancient terraces, now abandoned, and by a few houses dotted around near Punta dello Zucco Grande and, after the Valle della Fossa and the high sides of Monte Guardia, you come back to Filicudi Porto.

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