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Sailing round the island by boat is the best way to admire the sea, beaches and rocky coastline, modelled by the natural elements.

Heading towards Capo Faro, in an anti-clockwise direction, the coast is, at first, rugged and sheer. There is a small landing place at the Capo and, if you have enough breath, a stairway leads up to the lighthouse. Passing by the attractive impressive gorges of the volcanic mountains, you reach the jetty of Galera, the Scario beach and in the distance Punta del Perciato. We are in the surprisingly lovely bay of Pollara, where you can make a stop on the long beach. It is better not to get too close to the cliffs because of the risk of falling rocks. For divers la Secca di Pollara is the ideal place, underwater mountains rich in fish life. The alternate rock stratifications of differing colours and structure bear witness to successive eruptions. The edge of the crater, today partially submerged, was probably near the large crag (il Faraglione) which stands in the centre of the bay. The bay is closed by Filo di Branda, impressive red coloured sheer rocks. As you continue the wild rugged coastline is overlooked by Monte Porri. After passing Praiola there is the cave of Racina and then Punta Marcello and Punta Megna. Along the coast you reach Rinella and you will notice a large beach with the Tre Pini campsite, an attractive liberty style building (the Hotel Ariana), the jetty and the caves cut out of the rocks. Further on the coast is straight and unbroken under the imposing mountain of Fossa delle Felci. At Punta Tre Pietre you can moor the boat for an interesting underwater excursion. Rounding Punta Grottuzza, you reach Lingua with the lighthouse and lake. The coast is now flat as you near Santa Marina again.

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