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Filicudi, Aeolian Islands ArchipelagoSpring comes early to Filicudi and brings with it an explosion of multi-coloured flowers, making it a beautiful time of year to walk along the ancient pathways which cross the island. The pathways and terraces, laid down over the centuries to allow the cultivation of the land, are a marvellous and impressive example of human endeavour. The pathways, made of earth or stone slabs, are about a metre wide to allow the passage of donkeys, which are still necessary today to reach many parts of the island. Capers, vines, olive trees and carob trees are characteristic of the wild countryside, dominated by red rocks with various weather-beaten shapes.

Hills and valleys give the countryside a broken look. The Mediterranean brush covers the entire island and is particularly thick on the northern side. The coastline is not sheer but gradual, creating a variety of colours in the sea from green to blue and violet. Then there is the Grotta del Bue Marino, with its mystical atmosphere, and finally La Canna, a rock about 70 metres high: a black blade sticking out of a blue sea. The climate, the brilliant light, the gentle violence of Mediterranean nature, the perfume of its maquis and the silence make this island almost unique.

Filicudi is still considered remote today, even by the inhabitants of Lipari. In reality, this feeling of remoteness is not a question of distance but something deeper: it is a difference of time and of the way of life of the island and its people, a remoteness from the everyday world.

CENF boa and boats

You can find the Nautical Center in the island of Filicudi Porto. The CENF offers marine services and you can also rent mopeds and scooters. The main…

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Da Nino sul mare

Da Nino sul mare

Nino Santamaria the first cafe of the island of Filicudi has opened, that welcomes its visitors offering liking and comfort from decades. Besides…

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Anna Houses Filicudi

Anna houses

Houses and apartments to rent on the beautiful island of Filicudi at Rocca di Ciavole, with panoramic view of the sea and Sicilian coast. Close to a…

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Villa La Rosa pension

Villa La Rosa

 Our hotel welcomes you to the amazing island of Filicudi. The strange relationship between the stars and the Aeolian archipelago is reflected in…

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Anastasi Point

Anastasi houses

Private homes for rent managed non-profit. Check the availability of houses for rent in Filicudi, the owners offer several periods in the year during…

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Fabiana Houses, Filicudi

Fabiana houses

A View studio apartments for rent in Filicudi which dominates the south-east of the island. Two apartments, for two persons and for six persons. In…

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Serena house

We rent lovely apartment for 2/3 people at the port of Filicudi and an Holiday panoramic house consisting of two bedrooms with air conditioner, TV, 2…

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Filicudi Lido

Filicudi Case vacanze

The Aeolian Islands, rediscoveries, recently constitute an archipelago of spectacular beauty of which Filicudi makes part together with Volcano,…

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Rita's house

Rita’s home

Holiday home, also available for annual rent to lecturers and transfers, located at 20 mt. from the Church of Pecorini. It consists of a double room…

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Hotel La Canna

Hotel La Canna

The little Resort is fifteen minutes far from the sea, surrounded by greeneryand  situated in a panoramic position ,  harmoniously inserted in the…

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Idria house Filicudi

Idria house

We rent three houses in the area of Pecorini Sea, typical village of the island of Filicudi, where is' among other lies the legendary "Saloon",…

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Filicudi is not just a place for bathing and summer holidays and, if you really want to appreciate its uniqueness, you should visit the interior, especially between the months of April and June and from September to November, when the crowds have left. It is a wonderful feeling to walk along the pathways in complete silence, accompanied only by the wind and, at dusk, to see the many ruined houses standing out against the sky. It is striking to walk below or above the impressive terrace walls, which seem to be standing by miracle.

You will be moved by the people’s kindness when they greet you and they are always ready to help you in any situation. The sky on Filicudi is  marvellous, unspoilt by street lighting, making the stars stand out brightly and making it a magical experience to walk in a full moon. The structure of the houses has remained unchanged and the multi-coloured façades create a naïve effect. Let’s hope that Filicudi will remain like this, harsh and wild: that’s why people come here.

Gisella and Aldo Ardizzone

Thanks to Il Miglio Blue. We extract the Filicudi Nautical Pilot