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Leaving the port of Scari we head for Strombolicchio, after following the long beach of Scari and rounding Punta Lena. The crag sticks up 50 metres out of the sea and is topped by a lighthouse. It is accessible by a rusty metal stairway and then steep steps cut out of the rock.

Colonies of sea-birds nest everywhere.

The rock, shaped like a horse’s head, is characteristic, as you can see in all the photos. However, an underwater visit to this diver’s paradise is really surprising. You just need mask and flippers.

Strombolicchio, so rugged above the surface, is a stone column underwater rising from the sea bed.

The sides are smooth and, despite the clear water, it is impossible to see the bottom: you are suspended in deep blue sea.
You see red anemones, star-fish, sponges, corals and numerous colonies of orange coloured astroides along with brown and yellow algae.

It is an exciting experience! An underwater crag is situated just a few metres from the north face of Strombolicchio and is inhabited by shoals of Ray’s bream and, lower down barracudas many forms of sea life such as sea-pike, shiny-saddled bream, small tuna, large sea bream and large groupers.

Sailing on past the inlets of Piscità, you meet a long black beach, Punta Labronzo and the Sciara del Fuoco, a wide black slide-shaped hollow where the debris and lava from the volcanic explosions flow between two rocky walls. It is better not to get too close to the shore.
A dive is recommended.

Rounding Punta Chiappe, you find the Timpone del Fuoco, on which the village of Ginostra stretches out. Its landing place is a hole between the rocks which allows in only one boat at a time.

You climb up to the village on a steep mule-track with wide stone steps, passing the yard of the Church of Saint Vincent, not only a place of worship but also a meeting point for the thirty inhabitants. It is an oasis of peace and simplicity: the white houses, almost all deserted, the silence, the dignity and pride of the inhabitants, accustomed to loneliness even for weeks at a time, when the sea is rough and Ginostra is completely isolated.

Continuing the tour of the island and rounding Punta Lazzaro, the conical structure of the mountain is clearly visible. Gorges and rocky slopes as far as Punta Lena, which is flat and covered with reeds. Then Punta dell’Omo, suitable for diving to see the rich fish life.

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