ItalianoPaguro operates in the island of Vulcano since 1989 (Aeolian Islands, proclaimed in 2000 by UNESCO World Heritage Site) and is specialized real estate agency tourist in vacation houses, apartments and villas, the sale of properties and land and sale of holiday homes in timeshare and timeshare.

Holiday in Vulcano island

We provide those who intend to spend their holidays on the island of Vulcano wide choice of properties in tourist purposes, for rent or for sale, which combine quality and accessoriness with competitive prices. Numerous special offers and last minute deals allow you to get even better opportunities. The professionalism and honesty that distinguishes us is supported by estimates that there is recognized by all the guests who came to visit us over the years and to whom we had the pleasure of making available all our experience and availability. All properties for rent or for sale are included in a natural context that ranges from the ever blue sea to the Mediterranean evergreen, by the charm of climbing the Great Crater Volcano long trekking tours with the glamor of the Mud Puddle with unique healing powers in its kind (joint problems, skin and airways) of pleasure connected to sources rich Thermal its countless underwater fumaroles that with their vapor released at high pressure to turn into a natural bath where you can lay for a further relaxing treatment. Not to forget the Vulcanello area with its Valley of Monsters , or the breathtaking view of Capo Grillo and untouched area of Vulcano Gelso . In our site you will find offers for rental of private homes, holiday homes, apartments, villas for rent as well as on the island of Vulcano, even for the islands of Lipari, Salina, Panarea, Stromboli, Alicudi and Filicudi. Places inimitable and unique in its kind, full of culture and history, combining pristine natural beauty to famous tourist locations around the world … See more